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Three Ways to Style Your Sofa for the Wintery Feel

Three Ways to Style Your Sofa for the Wintery Feel

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Styling your sofa for the winter is the easiest way to bring a warm look in the room. It can be a combination of existing upholstery, some cushions, and a few woven shawls. Not only is this a realistic project, but it is also easy and doable.

  1. Relaxed and warm. These two words sum up the entire winter experience for us. The wintery look can be achieved easily on the sofa. Add a few different-sized cushions on the sofa. Pair this with some knits, woven or velvet shawls. Cushions immediately update the look but furry knits and throws add the cosy, warm feel. The trick is to layer these multiple textures and accessories.
  2. Go natural with sofa-skins and a warm fire. There are new sheepskins which are colourful and tactile in their appeal making them idea for recreating a winter in front of an open fire. Sheepskins from New Zealand are particularly popular. Place one over the sofa’s arm making the room look relaxed and welcoming.
  3. Winters are the time for warm and soft colours. But darker tones can also speak of the winter months. Warm colours such as pink and taupe work well. You can also try dusty cedar, potters clay, and even a rose-toned pink shade. You can also choose different shades of the same colour and place them as layers. Coloured cushions catch the best moods of the winter.

So try these quick tips to make your home doused in the warmth and cosiness of the winter months.

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