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Seven Tips to Help You Set Your Living Room

Seven Tips to Help You Set Your Living Room

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Your living room says a lot about your personality. Although there are no rules for setting up the living space, the following tips may help you achieve a distinct look.
1. Finding a focal point in the living room can help in highlighting the room. It could be a bay window or a fireplace. If the room does not have one, create a focal point by using a painting or a large mirror. You could also use an interesting sculpture to give the room that extra oomph.
2. The room should have a balance. You can create this by adding symmetrical elements together. Allow these items to offset one another and add the proportion and balance you are looking for.
3. Make room for cosy conversations by putting together chairs and sofas facing each other. This will allow the conversation to happen naturally. But do not forget to leave space for access.
4. Allow the traffic to move into the living room. This can be facilitated by placing the furniture in a way that conversations are not cut off midway or that people watching TV are disturbed. You can use a graph paper to visualize how you would like the traffic to flow in the living room.
5. A good idea is also to use area rugs, which blend with the room’s overall colour scheme. Or you can also bring some neutral or colourful rugs to define a conversation space, etc. The rug can also be a focal point and furniture can be arranged around it.
6. Give attention to the corners, curves, angles, and proportion in the living room. Putting contrasting items together can help you achieve balance.
7. Although there is a good chance that you would like to place more items in the living room, going minimal can have great benefits. Putting down unnecessary items can take attention away from the focal point or impressive furniture. Besides, more items mean less space for people. Decide early on what you would like to prioritise. In case you want to display items, use a curio cabinet to do so.

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