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Seven Cool Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

Seven Cool Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The coffee table is a functional piece of furniture. But that does not mean it should not deserve some attention. Here are some ways you can style your coffee table:

  1. Have you ever wondered why you should have only one coffee table? Yes! Instead of one big table, buy four cylinders that can be moved around. Add some flowers on one cylinder, and some books on the other.
  2. Coffee tables love succulents. Place a small succulent at the centre of your coffee table.
  3. You can also stack books and other decorative items on the coffee table. Individual stacks give an organized look to the whole arrangement.
  4. Then, there is the upholstered coffee table. Use a runner on the upholstery; you can even add a tray with small decorative items.
  5. Oversized lanterns are the alternatives for basic coffee table candles.
  6. What’s so wrong with clutter? On the coffee table, clutter can be a style statement. Put everything that you want to show off on your coffee table. The trick is to bring some organization to the clutter and the clutter will bring meaning.
  7. Use the coffee table for all those coffee table books you have collected all summer. If you want an organized look, break the books apart by putting some on a box or a tray. Speaking of the tray, you can use one when you have a large coffee table. Layered trays break up the surface and remove the massiveness off the coffee table.

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