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Know how we manufacture our products

Know how we manufacture our products

Friday, June 1, 2018

With innovation, creativity and high quality standards Alder has created an indelible mark in the furniture industry. Our journey has been a pleasant one so far, witnessing the growth of not just our brand but also of our well-trained workforce.

We take pride in having a production capacity of 5000 units a month. Wondering how we’re able to pull it off? Thanks to our state-of – the –art manufacturing facilities in Himachal Pradesh and Delhi, we are known for producing an extensive range of Complete Knockdown furniture.

Our range of furniture is truly a class apart which offers the following advantages:

Ergonomic Designing for extra comfort
MDF (Medium Density Fiber) which is borer free and termite resistant
Toughened Glass to prevent damage
Re-polishable which can be cleaned number of times at ease
Lifetime Warranty for assembly/disassembly
The secret ingredient for our exclusive furniture range is Medium Density Fiber (MDF) which is a raw material engineered made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers. Later, it is blended with wax and a resin binder. We prepare these panels by the application of high temperature and pressure. It can be used as a building material similar to plywood.

MDF boards are made up of separated fibres and offer many advantages over chipboard which include superior strength, termite-resistance and being borer free. To ensure superior quality we polish them with 8 coatings making it water-resistant. These boards can be wiped clean using a moist cloth.

We’re proud of a furniture range which has many variants namely Complete Knockdowns, Ready to assemble or Do It Yourself (DIY). This is possible because our products are made in a unique way which means furniture units are disassembled and packed into a compact flat box at the factory from where it gets shipped. Then, it is assembled into a whole easily.

We take all of the above mentioned measures to make Alder furniture a must have for every home.

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