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Four Reasons Why Your Choice of Bedroom Furniture is an Important Decision

Four Reasons Why Your Choice of Bedroom Furniture is an Important Decision

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The bed you sleep in is an important part of your life. How?
We spend more than a third of our lifetime sleeping. It is, therefore, not surprising that the sleeping activity can actually shape the life you spend waking. This means, when you begin looking for bedroom furniture, you should focus on buying the best. After all, there are more ways a bed can affect your life. Here are a few:
Better sleep leads to better memory.
Study shows that choosing a good quality of bed can actually help in sleeping better. The rest that comes from a good sleep aids in how the brain stores its memories. Although the general notion is that sleep is a passive activity, there is a lot going on while one is asleep. In fact, this is the time when the brain is undertaking a process called consolidation, shifting our learned skills and information to permanent regions. Sleep helps the brain to synthesize novel ideas, concepts, while collating information that one has collected during the day. This inadvertently helps in learning and continuing one’s education.
Better sleep improves health.
Sleep is an important component indicating a person’s health. The right amount of sleep helps the body combat various disorders including diabetes, obesity, and even heart attacks. One study has suggested that in individuals who have had distracted sleep for over four days can have raised blood glucose levels in their body. These individuals can be easily qualified as pre-diabetic.
Better sleep helps in weight management.
It is helpful to remember when doing online furniture shopping India that the furniture contributes more than just a sitting space and a good posture. For instance, a good bed brings better sleep. And, sleeping well is known to help in weight management. The hormone leptin, which controls hunger, becomes unevenly distributed when there is a lack of sleep. This lack will manifest itself as increased consumption of food, especially a craving for foods that are high in cholesterol and fat. Another reason could be explained by human behaviour. When you are tired and have not slept well, you are less likely to exercise or cook a healthy meal.
Better sleep leads to less stress and greater creativity.
If you find yourself grumpy most of the time, do you think you would be able to access the inner creative energy? The answer is a clear No. This indicates that the sleep that you get actually helps in increasing your level of happiness and your ability to pursue creativity. Adults, depending upon their lifestyle, require at least seven hours of sleep. Studies indicate that if a person does not get quality sleep even for two weeks, her mood could begin to show effects. This change could manifest itself as irritability, depression, anger, and other mental deficits affecting memory and performance.

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