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Four Garden Furniture Trends that will Rule 2019

Four Garden Furniture Trends that will Rule 2019

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Let’s look at the garden furniture trends for 2019. While some ideas have made the list from the last year, others have been dropped.

  1. Outdoor Homing
    This practice has become popular in recent months.
    The trend highlights keeping the outdoor as comfortable and beautiful as the interior.
    For those, who can love this idea, the garden is the new resort. They can settle down in one corner with a book or even enjoy barbeques with friends.
    Not much needs to be done too!
    The trend started last year and includes placing lounges or a cuddly sofa in the garden. The idea is to keep the comfort of the interior undisturbed in the outdoors.
  2. Lounges and Sofas
    Speaking of cuddly sofas and lounges, they will continue to impress in 2019 especially for the gardens. So get ready to bring some shells and canopies, wide armchairs, and create a small oasis right in the backyard.
    But if size a concern, don’t worry. The new pieces in the market are smaller and varied. Perk up the setting with some accessories and cushions that bring out individual character.
  3. Lightweight, Movable, and Storage-Friendly
    The value in outdoor furniture rests with it being lightweight, storage-friendly, and easy movability. So while redwood looks nice, it cannot be lifted and moved to find that last remaining winter sunlight.
    That’s where rattan and metal furniture come in.
    And, here is a trend that is developing. Beanbags! Yes, they are lightweight, can be stowed away easily, and best, adapt to the body.
  4. Going Retro
    The retro look will continue to remain trendy in 2019/
    This includes furniture made of metal; those classic rounded shapes with the high back are particularly comfortable.
    Retro-chic is also about colours. Bring a strong orange to meet brown or grey, for instance, and watch as the bold look makes the furniture the eye-catching element in the garden.

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